Corporate Financial Advisory
About Accuracy

Accuracy is the sole, truly independent European operator that can offer companies and their shareholders a global reach in financial consultancy services.

We boast a full range of skills in the economic, financial and accounting fields, and combine these skills to reach a single goal: to validate figures by analysing them, questioning them, verifying their reliability and providing recommendations to facilitate effective decision-making.

To achieve this, Accuracy combines extensive know-how in areas such as auditing techniques, valuations, financial modelling, financial forecasting and market analyses. This aids our clients in dealing with a wide-range of situations including acquisitions, disposals, companies in difficulty, restructuring, litigation and dispute resolution.

Accuracy now has offices in nine countries in Europe, North America and Asia and delivers its services worldwide.

Key info
Founded in:
Neuilly sur Seine
Frédéric Duponchel
Partner & CEO

Frédéric Duponchel is currently the Managing Director of Accuracy.
He is a former Arthur Andersen worldwide partner (1999), and then with Ernst & Young in Paris (2002). Since 1988, he has conducted numerous engagements as an independent or parties expert, including evaluation of economic damages, corporate financial analysis, implementation of price adjustment clauses, representations and warranties.

Corporate Financial Advisory

Becoming an Accuracian

What profile are we looking for? Given the nature of our business, it is important to be ready to adapt to unexpected circumstances, changes in schedules and contacts. Although we are technicians, our jobs require flexibility, interpersonal skills and good training. Therefore, it is necessary to have solid public relations, speaking and listening skills.

We want applications that are dynamic, sparkling, bold - yet humble. After all, becoming an Accuracian requires doing a serious job, without taking yourself too seriously.

41 rue de Villiers, Neuilly sur Seine, 92200, France